Yoga for joint health

Yoga for joint health

Exercise is important for keeping us strong, healthy and to maintain mobility in our joints.

As well as improving our physical health, exercise is important for mental health and well-being.

Yoga is a great way to exercise gently and something that can be done at home with very little equipment needed. As a low impact exercise, many people do yoga to help reduce tension and improve joint flexibility.

Here we share some key points about yoga and its benefits to joint health:

Low impact
Yoga is a low impact form of exercise, which helps to improve and sustain both physical and mental health. Yoga can also be adapted to fit your individual needs and the intensity level varies based on the type of yoga.

Bone health
Yoga can be great for strengthening bones and improving bone density over time. Yoga involves many weight-bearing poses which can reduce the risk of fractures by improving muscle strength and balance. It’s a pain-free form of exercise that improves flexibility and function.

Most if not all of the poses in yoga practice involve many muscles in the body. As you work to hold and balance in these poses, the muscles around your joints are strengthened. As stronger muscles support the body, stress and strain on your joints is relived. Stronger muscles can also help to delay or prevent joint stiffness.


If your bones and muscles are strong, the stresses and strains that cause pain will be taken off your joints. As your joints becomes stronger, your flexibility and range of motion will increase along with your stability. Staying active also keeps the cartilage in your joints healthy, which can be lost through immobilisation.


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