joint supplements

There are many joint supplements on the market and this makes it very difficult to know what’s best for you, especially with such variety in price too, so we’ve created this simple guide to help you understand what to look for in joint supplements.  

  1. Compare price per dosage – not price per capsule

    On the face of it many joint supplements can seem to be good value, however many are very low in strength. Therefore it’s important to compare the milligrams (mg) strength of a product and how many mg’s each capsule/tablet delivers for the required dose, as often many more capsules/tablets are required for a true comparison. By comparing the mg strength of a product and how many mg’s each capsule/tablet delivers for the dose price/day the true value of a product can be determined.

  2. Purity of the product:

    You need to know exactly what a product contains, therefore you should ensure products contain 100% active ingredients without any added bulking agents or fillers and avoid land animal sourced ingredients as they are cheap alternatives to marine or plant sourced ingredients.

  3. Product quality

    When a product is made in the UK it has to meet the latest EU regulations that others do not. Also look for a product that is manufactured to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards and always ensure ingredients are ethically sourced.

  4. Guaranteed label claim

    A respectable company will guarantee their label claim by stating the percentage purity (%) of their key active ingredients so you can be assured of consistent product quality and efficacy. There are only a handful of companies in the UK who will guarantee this, Nutrabiotics are one of them.

  5. Capsules over tablets

    Tablets need to be bulked out with high fat binding agents thus reducing the purity of the product. Sprinkle capsules are low in fat and are more flexible for administration, look for sprinkle capsules that contain 100% active ingredient.