Glen Robinson

Glen RobinsonBeing a professional athlete for 6 years, playing a very physically demanding sport, it can take its toll on your body!

I’ve used many different supplements from many different companies during my career to look after my joints in order to minimise the risk of a repetitive injury occurring!

After speaking with Lewis about Nutrabiotics and the purity of the supplement, which for an athlete is key, as you have to be so careful what you put into your body due to random drugs testing, keeping sports clean from enhancing drugs. With Nutrabiotics joints, mobility and flexibility capsules being 99% Glucosamine, the number one ingredient to maintain healthy joints I decided to get on board.

I’ve been taking Nutrabiotics for 8 weeks now and my shoulders and hips, which is where I suffer pain in have never been better. I have also got my Dad on the supplement as he suffers from tennis elbow in both arms and during his 8 weeks, the past 3 weeks he has had significant improvement with reduced pain and mobility.

I cannot recommend this product highly enough, whether you want to use it as a injury preventive or if you suffer from joint problems this supplement is for you!

Many thanks to Nutrabiotics for introducing me to this amazing product.

Glen Robinson
Great British Water Polo Team

London 2012 Olympian and 2014 commonwealth Gold Medalist