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  • Fast slimming tips

    There’s no doubt that too many people try to lose weight and slim too quickly, often with dangerous crash diets. That doesn’t mean that there are not legitimate methods available for speeding up your slimming progress on a proper weight loss program. Even if you are already succeeding in losing weight these slimming tips cold […]

  • The first week of exercising

    The idea of a weight loss program is to develop a consistent approach to losing weight healthily as well as healthy endurance when exercising.  A weight loss program’s objective is to get rid of the excesses in your body such as the excess fat.  Not the healthy and lean muscle tissues and body fluids. A […]

  • Diet and exercise: getting the right balance

    Diet and exercise: getting the right balance

    We all know the hard slog of wanting to shed a few extra pounds that might have crept on over Christmas or whilst on holiday. It’s important to understand that diet and exercise go hand-in-hand when you’re trying to lose weight.  For some however, getting that balance right between nutritional meals and sufficient activity can […]

  • 4 simple health tips

    To combat the large increase in obesity that is ongoing at present we find all sorts of companies selling “quick fix” pills, powders, and lotions. However these often do nothing to actually help people take the fat off and keep it off. Of course the same could be said of the diet industry as well. […]

  • 10 little fat loss steps

    1) Work out how many calories your body needs to consume to maintain your existing weight, these are your your maintenance calories. Do a quick search on Google with “calorie needs” and you’ll find a few different calculators to help you with this. 2) Deduct 10% (to a maximum of 500Kcal) off the total maintenance […]

  • 10 rules of dieting you can break

    Some diet rules are meant to be broken? Believe it or not many dated diet guidelines and myths are up for speculation. You have probably heard of a lot of these  rules before, but experts weigh-in on the worthiness of these supposed truisms – most of which won’t help you lose weight or make dieting […]

  • Workout without working out

    Good news, for those people who want to watch their weight without watching television. There are things you can still do to workout even if you are a couch potatoes or think your are too busy to find the time to keep fit. With time being so hard to come by these days, many people […]

  • Using Pills for Weight Loss

    Being thin or slim doesn’t make people healthy. But, being overweight or obese is not healthy either. For those who have problems losing weight, the use of slimming pills is a more convenient and often a preferred option. These slimming pills often help a person lose weight by reducing their appetite and preventing the absorption […]

  • 5 Tips for Keeping Your Sanity while Losing Weight

    If losing weight is your goal (like it is for many people throughout the world) then simply wishing the pounds away isn’t likely to work. Unfortunately, losing weight takes determination, a commitment to a healthy diet and exercise plan and even a little patience. So, what can you do to lose weight and keep your […]

  • Five simple diet tips that work

    Turn on the television or radio, surf online or open a magazine and you’re bound to find an advertisement for a weight loss product or some kind of endorsement for a new diet or eating plan. Everyone wants to get healthy and look at their best. The current ideal of beauty is far closer to […]