It’s no wonder that people don’t have time to exercise any more when a seventy hour working week is deemed acceptable. And, no wonder people are so wired and stressed that they can hardly sleep. However, it doesn’t take much to get the basic health benefits of physical activity. Just two fifteen minute workouts per day make up the recommended amount of exercise per week.

This simple workout is geared toward building strength. It will elevate your heart rate while building muscle at the same time.

To warm up, simply walk on the spot for two minutes. Walk rapidly and swing your arms so that your heart rate will start to increase.

Next, increase the level of difficulty by doing lunges. Lunges can be done by stepping forward or stepping backward, so feel free to choose one or alternate as you go.

Moving from lower body to upper body, it is now time for pushups. Depending on your upper body strength, you can do them with your knees on the ground or standard pushups. The important thing to remember is to do the highest level of difficulty you can, because this is a very brief workout.

Next, lie on your back and put your legs as straight up in the air as you can, creating a ninety degree angle. If you’ve never done leg lifts before, you may want to place your hands underneath your buttocks. This will help with balance and stability. Now lower your legs slowly, getting them as close to the ground as you can without touching it, then bring them back up and repeat.

When you are done with this portion of the workout, put your feet on the ground so that your knees are up.

Next is a standard crunch with a twist. With your hands behind your head, sit up slightly with your chin to the ceiling, just like you would in a normal crunch. Once you get to the top, stop and twist your body to the right, then twist back to straight and lay back down. Next, do the same thing but twist your body to the left. This exercise is good for a quick workout because it develops your central abdominal muscles as well as your lats.

Because this workout is geared toward strength, your other daily fifteen minute workout should involve cardio, such as walking, jogging or riding a bike. This quick work out will have you feeling great and resting well.

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