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  • The benefits of swimming

    The benefits of swimming

    Swimming can keep your joints flexible, reduce stiffness and increase mobility. It’s one of the best ways of exercising to help keep your joints healthy. Swimming is good for joint health as it: Stimulates blood circulation and can reduce muscle stiffness and ease pain Helps to maintain and build strength and cardiovascular fitness Can help […]

  • Tips for exercising in winter

    Tips for exercising in winter

    During colder weather, it may be tempting to stay indoors and skip your run or daily exercise. However, exercising in the winter months is just as important as all year round to remain active and keep your joints mobile. Joint stiffness is more prominent in colder months and keeping up your exercise routine can help […]

  • Yoga for joint health

    Yoga for joint health

    Exercise is important for keeping us strong, healthy and to maintain mobility in our joints. As well as improving our physical health, exercise is important for mental health and well-being. Yoga is a great way to exercise gently and something that can be done at home with very little equipment needed. As a low impact exercise, many people do yoga to help reduce tension and […]

  • What is joint pain?

    What is joint pain?

    Joint pain is a common problem for many people and can have a direct impact on everyday life. As well as causing discomfort it can also lead to a reduction in mobility and activities, such as walking, gardening and even getting a good night’s sleep. Joint pain refers to discomfort, aches and soreness in any […]

  • Walk your way to healthy joints

    Walk your way to healthy joints

    Regular walking when part of a healthy lifestyle can keep your heart and bones strong, as well as your joints mobile and functioning. Walking is the preferred exercise by people with joint problems such as arthritis and osteoarthritis as it can help to improve your symptoms and quality of life. Walking for just 30 to […]

  • The best exercises for joint problems

    The best exercises for joint problems

    Exercises for joint problems can have many benefits and if you suffer with joint pain, exercising or adding stretching into your daily routine could be particularly helpful to reduce the symptoms. Exercise not only helps to relieve these symptoms but could also reduce any unwanted weight and improve your mood. Though some people may think […]

  • What are the best foods for arthritis and joint problems?

    When keeping your joints healthy, one of the important aspects is maintaining a healthy diet to ensure you get key nutrients and vitamins. A healthy diet can also help to lose any unwanted weight that could put pressure on your joints. Although there is no diet cure for joint problems there are a number of […]

  • The benefits of stretching

    The benefits of stretching

    There are many health benefits of stretching and incorporating it into your exercise routine, from increasing flexibility to reducing stress and body aches. Stretching can be an important factor to help keep your joints moving. Stiff joints and joint pain is a common complaint felt by many people worldwide. Taking a few minutes each morning […]

  • 4 simple steps for better health

    4 simple steps for better health

    Maintaning good overall health is important for us all to live happy lives. Leading a healthy lifestle does not have to be a chore and it can take just a few simple steps to help keep our bodies and minds healthy.   Step 1: Nutrition Good nutrition is essential. As they say “you are what […]

  • Diet and exercise: getting the right balance

    Diet and exercise: getting the right balance

    We all know the hard slog of wanting to shed a few extra pounds that might have crept on over Christmas or whilst on holiday. It’s important to understand that diet and exercise go hand-in-hand when you’re trying to lose weight.  For some however, getting that balance right between nutritional meals and sufficient activity can […]